According to Merriam-Webster, a lemon is “one (as an AUTOMOBILE) that is unsatisfactory or defective”

The "Lemon Law" is a State law which defines when a manufacturer has taken too many attempts to repair a vehicle or has taken too long, and therefore must refund the purchase price or replace the vehicle.

If your vehicle is contains a serious safety defect, you should absolutely take it in again. If the defect is not safety related, please call us to discuss. Whether to take it in again will vary case by case.

If the dealership refuses to repair your vehicle, and the vehicle is still covered under a valid warranty, you may have a claim.

If you purchased your vehicle used, you will not have a claim under the Lemon Law. But, if your used vehicle came with the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty and you experienced problems that were covered under warranty, you may have a claim for breach of warranty.

Yes, lease vehicles are covered under the Lemon Law. However, in the event your leased vehicle does not meet the qualifications under the Lemon Law, we may be able to bring a breach of warranty claim seeking damages.

Generally, if you began experiencing defects after the first year, your remedy will be limited to a breach of warranty claim.

A breach of warranty claim is an allegation against the manufacturer that they have taken an unreasonable number of repair attempts or an unreasonable amount of time to correct a defect. If successful, the remedy for a breach of warranty claim is cash damages.

Many of the consumer protection statutes that we utilize contain 'fee-shifting provisions' that allow us to collect an attorney fee directly from the automobile manufacturer.

To get started, we need copies of your purchase documents along with your repair records. If you do not have all of your documents, we can request them from the dealership.

If the claim is under the Lemon Law, we will seek either a repurchase or a replacement. If the claim for breach of warranty, we will be seeking cash damages.

Please complete the Free Case Evaluation to see if your vehicle qualifies for relief under the Lemon Law or other state and federal laws.

You may still have a valid breach of warranty claim. Call us or submit your information today in order to see if your case qualifies.

YES! A lemon law claim in the State of Texas must be brought within 30 months of the purchase of a new vehicle, or within 6 months of the vehicle accumulating 24k miles.  A lemon law claim in Alabama must be brought within 3 years of purchasing the vehicle.  For breach of warranty claims, the claim must be brought within 4 years of the date of purchase. 

Many cases settle quickly (within two or three months). However, because each case is different, it is impossible to determine how quickly a case will settle.