Our Process

  1. Review

    After you call or complete the Free Lemon Law Case Review, a licensed attorney will review your information to determine if you have a claim.

    Our office will contact you quickly to go over the information submitted to assess whether you have a lemon law or a breach of warranty claim.  At this time, we will ask you to fax or email copies of your purchase documents and repair records if you have not already done so.

  2. Notify

    We put the manufacturer of your vehicle on notice of your claim and attempt to resolve the claim prior to filing a lawsuit. The majority of our cases are settled during this stage.

  3. Litigation

    If we are unable to resolve the claim during the “pre-litigation” process, we will file a lawsuit against the manufacturer in your county of residence.

    After the lawsuit is filed, we will engage in the discovery process, whereby we will request documents from the manufacturer that we do not already have.

    If, after discovery, the manufacturer is still unwilling to settle your claim, we will try your case to a jury.  Please note that less than 1% of all of our cases actually go to trial.

    Remember, we only get paid our attorneys’ fees if successful. At no time will you have to pay our fees.