As an attorney myself, having practiced for nearly 30 years, I have dealt with many attorneys and observed the traits of the most successful.  I believe that ultimately the most important trait that all successful attorneys have in common is that they are genuinely interested in achieving a successful resolution for their clients.  

Mr. Riffe is certainly one of those attorneys and he went above and beyond in order to achieve a settlement in my case regarding my motorhome.  All of my dealings were directly with Brad personally, and he is one of the most responsive attorneys I have ever had the privilege of working with.  All emails and phone calls were promptly returned.  I would obviously highly recommend Brad.

R.P., Mansfield, TX

Mr. Riffe was very professional and personable working on the claim filed for my car.  Mr. Riffe took out the time to answer my questions and gave me his honest opinion of what I could settle for in regards to time spent on claim and monetary value received. I would not hesitate to work with Mr. Riffe again, if needed on another vehicle claim

F.B., Arlington, TX

Without divulging specifics of my case, I just want to express the overwhelming satisfaction I've received by having you handle my case.  Your expertise is undeniable—even when I didn't know I had a case, you contacted me, reviewed my documents, and kindly walked me through the steps to a victorious end—all, at no expense to me.  Thanks again for help!

J.L., Fort Worth, TX

What a great experience.  Brad did an excellent job for me and my husband when we experienced some issues with our brand new ATS Cadillac.  We were so frustrated and upset that our new car did not operate properly especially after we had taken it into the dealer at least 4 times with the same problem, which was never fixed.  When I reached out to Brad he quickly helped us to understand the law, the process and the options available to us in a concise and clear manner.  He was very easy to deal with and answered all of our questions quickly and promptly.  He got on our case right away and was courteous, helpful and patient at all times.   I really enjoyed working with Brad I wish all lawyers were like him!! He helped us to come to a quick resolution we are very happy with.   If you have a problem that is not being fixed with your newly purchased vehicle new or used and getting nowhere with the dealer talk to Brad he will help you out if he can!!!  Thanks Brad from two very satisfied customers.  

D.F. and T.J., Dallas, TX

When I contacted the Riffe Law Firm, I didn't know what to expect or how the "Lemon Law" worked.  What I did know was that I had finally purchased what I thought to be my dream car and it turned out to be one headache after another.  After expressing my concerns, Riffe's Law Firm took over.  I was pleased with the settlement and the way the company kept me informed.  Anything I didn't understand, Mr. Riffe explained it to me.  Anytime I called, either I spoke with my lawyer or my call was returned the same day.  Instead of being frustrated like I was for having to constantly take my car to the dealership for the same repairs, contact Riffe Law Firm.  You won't be disappointed. Even if it's just to call to hear what they have to say, do it.  If you don't call, you'll never know how much they can actually help.  Thanks again for everything.  

T.A., Dallas, TX

The experience I had with your firm was great.  Every time I called and had questions they were always answered, and my calls were always returned in a timely manner.  I know that fighting with big companies is a drawn out process and people want results and I am satisfied with what the outcome was.  I was not expecting this to happen so soon to be honest and have told people about your firm and the results I got.  Thanks.

A.B., North Richland Hills, TX

I found Brad Riffe when I was about to give up hope of resolving an issue with the gearbox of my brand new motorcycle. I attempted to deal directly with the dealer, and later with the manufacturer for a period of about eight months, all to no avail. Mr. Riffe was very professional, responsive and clearly explained the options that led to the best course of action for my situation.  I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and will definitely seek his counsel again if I ever have a similar situation. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Brad Riffe. 



B.H., Plano, TX

Finding Brad Riffe brought a ray of sunshine into my life. I had little to no hope with dealing with my  "certified - used" lemon. All the other attornies that I had spoken to wouldn't give me the time of day because me vehicle was bought used and not new. I found Mr. Riffe online and called and left a message. My phone call was returned that day and I had a wonderful conversation with Mr. Riffe himself. He was very straight forward with me and told me what I could expect from my lawsuit. He was very patient with me as I called and email about the status of my lawsuit while it was in litagation. I received a phone call from Mr. Riffe a few months after the paperwork was filed and he had a settlement offer for me! It was so exciting to know that he was able to help me when no one else was. On top of all that it cost me no money out of pocket. I was very skeptical about this whole situation at first, but after reveiwing his contract and speaking with him in person I decided to take a leap of faith, and I am very glad that I did. I would highly recommend Mr. Riffe to anyone who is dealing with a lemon!

B.F., Fischer, TX

Mr. Riffe was excellent in dealing with concerns I have with my vehicle. It was great to have a lawyer who understood my issue, knew the options and informed me about the  process on seeking remedy. I would highly recommend the Riffe Law Firm.  

J.S., San Antonio, TX

Countless calls, emails, visits to the service department and dealership left me exhausted, frustrated, and no answers or apology. One simple call to Brad, a couple of documents provided to him, and within a month or so, a settlement offer that we consider fair. This part of the process of dealing with a ‘bad’ car was by far the easiest!

C.N., Plugerville, TX