I was at the point of shear frustration when I contacted you, I felt like no one could help me with my 2010 Chevorlet. Once I contacted you I felt completly confident that you would be able to help assit me. I have been most impressed with how knowledgeable you are and how quickly you were able to settle my case.  I would like to thank you a million times over for your helpfulness.

B.T., Duncanville, TX


Thanks so much for your help with my Ford related issue, the process was truly seamless. If I ever need legal assistance in an automobile related issue in the future you are the man!

T.K., Dallas, TX

I had a trouble with my 09 Vehicle. I googled the Internet for lemon law and found the Riffe law firm. I contacted the firm and they immediately took my case. Mr Riffe took my case and had no doubt that I had a winning case. I had nothing to worry about because he kept in touch with me and helped me fight against a company not treating their customers appropriately. I would recommend him to anyone that ever needs help.


J.W., Forney, TX

I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and surprised at how quickly the matter was resolved. I tried to resolved the issue myself and was extremely stressed. However, with the Riffe law Firm, I had piece of mind, was updated frequently and very satisfied with the service I received. I would recommend them to friends and family.

L.B., San Antonio, TX

Brad, Thank you so much for all your work on my case! It was nice to speak to you directly and immediately when I had any questions. You did a wonderful job in getting this headache settled for me in a timely, painless, and professional manner!

H.F., McKinney, TX

I am very pleased with the Riffe Law Firm as once I turned over my case to them I did not have to talk to anyone else but Brad. It was handled very efficiently and Brad talked to me at every step of the way. I will readily refer my friends to him. Thanks so much Brad.

M.K., Richardson, TX

I was at a loss as to what to do about my brand new vehicle purchase.  The car, which, by all accounts, had received rave reviews in Consumer Reports, and which I had purchased from a seemingly honest and fair dealership, began having repeated transmission problems within just months of my purchase, and eventually air conditioning problems.  When the dealership told me that the vehicle manufacturer told them not to fix my air conditioner, (in Texas summer heat mind you – and I had a warranty!), I was stunned.  The Riffe Law Firm came to my rescue and obtained a very fair settlement from the vehicle manufacturer for me.  I would highly recommend the Riffe Law Firm  to my family, friends and anyone who needs a good, honest lawyer to intervene on their behalf.  The process from start to finish was very quick and I am very happy with the outcome.  Thank you Riffe Law Firm!!!

K.S., Spring, TX

My NEW vehicle was giving me fits for two years. I voiced my displeasure to my sales person and everyone up to the district manager. I emailed everyone repeatedly at my dealership and even made a case with Chrysler. After replacing almost every part of my drivetrain at least once and fixing several other problems, my vehicle finally operated the way you expect a new car to perform. While considering getting rid of my vehicle before anything else went wrong, it occurred to me that the list of repairs that had been made would really discourage most people from paying a fair price. That is when I remembered a bookmark I made earlier for The Riffe Law Firm when I was researching the Lemon Law. I called Brad, talked about my concerns, emailed a couple documents and he took care of the rest. Chrysler would not offer me $1 on my own, but in no time Brad had an offer from them that I could not refuse. My vehicle is running great now, and I feel more than compensated for all of my troubles. If you are reading this testimonial you probably have concerns about a vehicle you are experiencing problems with. I advise you to stop reading and call The Riffe Law Firm now! You might be pleasantly surprised.

R.F., Burleson, TX

I have never been In a situation as to where I needed a lawyer for anything. However, when I purchased my 2011 Kia Optima back in 2011 I had not had my car 2 weeks and I started having issues with it. I know that I loved my car and but was thinking  at the time this should not be happening to a new car. What should I do?? The car continued to give me problems.. I had contacted another lawyer before I contacted RIFFE LAW FIRM.. They were not responding to any of my calls or emails... I did a little more research and found Riffe LAW FIRM read his reviews and was very pleased. So, I  gave them a call the same day... When I first spoke with Brad OMG.. Awesome!!! He was so interested in what was going on with my car and trying to help me and he let me know that.. After, the first time I spoke with Brad every time that I emailed or called him he would always return my emails and calls in a timely matter ..He kept me very informative about everything that was going on with my case.. I'm very satisfied and please with my case and the outcome of it. I  couldn't have asked for a better lawyer... Thanks, Brad for everything and if I'm ever in a situation like this again I will not think twice about giving you another call. I will 100% recommend Brad. AWESOME!!!!

K.B., Irving, TX

Brad, I just wanted to say thank you for everything!!!! We were very frustrated dealing with the car manufacturer and it seemed like we were getting the run-around from them. We were at our wits end. Once you took our case, you explained to us what to expect, what were our options and what we should do next. Here we are, just a few months later, and everything has changed! We are excited and happy that this ordeal has turned in to our favor!!! Again, thank you very much for all your help!!

A.B., Laredo, TX