I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me, helping me recover my losses on my tractor. I had beat my head against the wall trying to get the manufacturer to get right, and stand behind their product. I made absolutely no headway until I got you involved. At that point it was no longer a concern of mine, and they finally quit stonewalling. You did an excellent job, and if I ever need help getting a manufacturer to stand behind their product I will be calling you.  Thanks.

W.S., Livingston, TX

I'm thankful for Mr. Riffe's professionalism. He exceeded all our expectations to make the manufacturer own up to their responsibilities. I hope I never have the same problem again, but if I do, Brad will be the first I call.

B.C., Crane, TX

After graduating college I purchased a vehicle which was constantly in and out of the shop for problems no mechanic could verify. After learning of the Lemon Law, I contacted Brad Riffe to represent me. Brad was always available to take my calls, explain the laws to me, and provide guidance on what steps to take next to best help me. My lawsuit was settled with the car company in a timely manner, thanks to Brad's persistence and hard work. I highly recommend using Brad Riffe for your legal matters to go above and beyond your expectations.

E.P., Twinsburg, OH

I had a problem with my car and the dealer could not fix. I contacted the Riffe Law Firm asking about the Lemon Law. They looked into it and told me after one year or so you cannot file a Lemon law case, but they would look into a breach of warranty. I received what I thought was a fair settlement and the Riffe Law Firm did everything.

G.W., Hillister, TX

Working with Riffe law firm was as good it gets. Brad contacted us with new news about our case and made sure he knew what our expectations were. He did a great job handling our case and I would recommend him to others.

K.G., Irving, TX

Mr. Riffe is awesome. He helped take on one the big auto makers on my lemon of a vehicle. He helped me and my family get enough money to help us trade out of our lemon. Loved working with him! Very honest man and helped us to know what to expect next! Hopefully we do not get another lemon but if we do he will be our first phone call!

E.O., Pilot Point, Texas

I had a 2008 Chevy HHR that I had many electrical problems with. After taking it to the dealership numerous times they stated there was nothing wrong with my car's electrical system. One day after work I was driving along and my vehicle lost power on the freeway and I was almost in an accident. When I talked to the owner of the dealership, he refused to help me so I called Brad Riffe. After speaking with other attorneys Brad seemed to be the only one to care about my case. Other attorneys stated "GM is not paying, so we don't want to take your case". Well after Brad took my case, I felt like something would be done. I did get a cash settlement for the car, I know I would not get that amount had I used someone else. Thank you Brad for all your help, and for staying in touch with me both during and after the lawsuit. I have a new car now and no problems with it.

D.A., Houston, TX

Thanks for your help at a time when I felt helpless. You helped me make my point clear. I would recommend you to anyone I know.

W.T., Waco, TX

My experience with your law firm was very positive. Needless to say, I don't think I would have been able to get satisfaction from GM if it were not for your help. I really appreciate your effort in making it possible to settle the matter with GM in a matter of days.

J.M., Lubbock, TX

Mr. Riffe helped me to get compensation for a lemon vehicle. I was not out a dime and he didn't drag his feet in getting a settlement. Many lawyers lack the expertise in representing a client in Lemon Law cases. Brad is very up on the laws and the companies know this. They will be apt to settle in a hurry if he files your case. Know that he doesn't get paid unless you do. Many lawyers want a retainer fee up front and won't guarantee you anything. Go with confidence if you choose Brad Riffe.

J.K., Kaufmann, TX