I wanted to take the time to thank you for your services.  It was a pleasure having you represent us throughout this process.  We appreciate all you have done and will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and loved ones in the future.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.  Thank you. 

T.C., Freeport, TX

It was such a pleasure to have Brad Riffe represent me, and more importantly, fight for me on my lemon law case. Brad stuck with me throughout the lengthy process. He always responsive to my emails and phone calls. Brad displayed a great deal of empathy towards me and my frustration and always helped me put things in the right perspective and set the right expectations. I'm pleased with the outcome that Brad presented to me.

P.G., Houston, TX

Mr. Riffe explained exactly how things would, could and should go during my case and gave me all the info I needed. Being that this was my 1st Lemon Law he always made sure I was aware of the process and that I understood everything going on. I’m truly grateful for all the help in my time of need. I appreciated the way that I was treated and the way my case was taken care of. He was available on a daily basis and responded directly to my questions promptly and professionally. I would definitely refer my family, friends and even strangers to him, and I am sure they will be happy with his legal expertise. You’re always in good hands with The Riffe Law Firm!

B.W., Sugarland, TX

Two years ago I purchased a Ram Truck and had problems from the start. After researching and talking with three law firms I felt Riffe law firm was my best option. Turns out it was, he negotiated a replacement deal and all went smoothly. A year later I needed his help again. The next truck was just as bad. Yet again Brad negotiated a deal for me. It wasn’t the best but no fault of his- just the way the law was written. Going back to the table he actually negotiated more than what was allowed by law. If you need anyone to help with your vehicle he would be the one to go to. Great at what he does. I would definitely use again if his services are needed. 

C.P., Waco, TX

Mr. Riffe is well versed in his specialty, knows all the players and adept with shifts in manufacture tendencies.  He is able to translate his knowledge and advice in a non-legalize manner, making it easier to understand and arrive at a consensus.    I appreciate that he explained all my options and advocated each decision I made for the path of my case.  My timeline and settlement outcomes were significantly improved because of Mr. Riffe’s expertise and approach.

B.B., Dallas, TX

Thank you Brad once again for helping me with my Chevy issue. You were very professional and knowledgeable about the process and I really appreciate all that you have done. I will highly recommend you to anyone that I know if the situation comes up. Also, thank you for the prompt communication, be it email or phone, you always responded in a timely manner. 

J.W., Quinlan, TX

The Riffe Law Firm was very valuable in assisting us with our Dodge Ram.  They worked fast and were very responsive in returning my calls and emails.  I highly recommend the Riffe Law Firm.

F.D., Alice, TX

I want to thank you so much for your extremely professional and expedient service in my vehicle manufacturer's lawsuit. You definitely made me glad to have not given up after other lawyers showed little or no interest.

D.M., San Antonio, TX

Would definitely recommend the Riffe Law firm for any lemon law needs on your vehicle. Brad was always courteous and patient with any questions I had during the whole process. He always responded in a timely manner and never made me seem that I was a bother to him at any time. Thank you for getting me out of this nightmare!

G.W., Houston, TX

This letter is to attest to the representation that I received from The Riffe Law Firm.  I have a 2017 Ford Escape which I purchased in Austin, Tx.  My check engine light came on after only 7 months of ownership.  After 7 months of taking my car in and out of the shop (for the same issue), the light continued coming on, therefore deeming my car a “lemon”.  I immediately contacted Brad, my lemon law attorney at The Riffe Law Firm.  He started proceedings at that time and always made sure that I was fully aware of any necessary correspondence.  He was always available for me.  If I had questions, he was quick to respond. I felt very trustworthy of our client-lawyer relationship and trusted that he would get me a satisfactory settlement.  After 7 months of negotiation, he found me a settlement that I felt was acceptable.  I would choose him again if I ever run into a future situation with my automobile and need representation.  I would refer him to anyone needing assistance with a lemon lawyer.  Thanks Brad for always keeping me in the loop, for always coming to me when a decision needed to be made and for all the work you did to help me get into another vehicle.  Your service was extremely satisfying and I am grateful to have worked with you. Thanks again.

D.H., Austin, TX