It’s been a good experience. Return calls and emails quickly! Thank you for everything.

D.S., Houston, TX

Brad has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to dealing with these lemon law cases. He also was just a phone call away or email when I had a question about my case. He was able to get me more than what I originally anticipated getting.

R.P., Lumberton, TX

Mr. Brad Riffe was great throughout the entire process. He was easy to talk to, he answered all of my questions and he quickly returned all of my phone calls. I definitely recommend him to anyone. 

P.V., Sugarland, TX

After a tedious battle with Ford to have my car repaired NUMEROUS times only to have the same issue occur again not long after a “repair” Mr. Riffe was able to get me compensated for the damage to my car. He was incredibly helpful throughout this entire process and responded immediately to any questions or concerns I had for him, no matter how small they were. I am truly grateful for his assistance.

C.T., Paris, TX

Brad was incredibly helpful throughout this entire process and responded immediately to any questions or concerns I had. I am confident I would not have had nearly the same outcome for my Jeep without his assistance! 

A.F., Temple, TX

In a world entirely based on money, it’s very difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust. There are so many attorneys to choose from. Who can you truly trust? Brad Riffe is a very trustworthy attorney who will work for your interest. He always takes the time to answer all of your questions, no matter how trivial they may seem to be. He will not rest until you are completely satisfied with the outcome, even at his own expense. Many people believe Lawyers are in this for themselves, and unfortunately most are, that’s not true of Brad! He is an honorable man with the highest of integrity! He will honestly work for your best interest at heart. Now that’s someone you need on your side when dealing with corporations that are based solely on profit. Why put your hope in any other law firm when you can have Brad and his firm on your side?

Brad was able to get us a reasonable monetary claim from an unreasonable profit-based manufacturer. This would not have happened in our own hands nor in the hands of any other attorney. I am extremely happy to have met such a great man who puts his clients’ interest above his own. I wish I could express in words just how amazing this man truly is. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do, Brad!!! Keep up the great work!

S.S., Arlington, TX

My husband and I are beyond satisfied with Mr. Brad Riffe and his team. We were in a brand new vehicle that began to give us problems a year later and after doing some research and looking for a lemon lawyer, I came across The Riffe Law Firm. He represented us more than well and was always always there to answer and questions or concerns that I had within a day if not that same day. He fought for us and continued to do so till we reached a fitting outcome. Throughout the process I continued to have problems with the dealership and Brad always gave his advise or opinion in the situation. I would recommend him over and over again. If you are in search of a Lemon Lawyer, you can stop your search and give him a call because he will work and fight to get you what you need.

S.C., El Paso, TX

As a single, young female I dealt with the faulty transmission in my Ford vehicle. After multiple attempts to fix the issue, I started to look into Lemon Law criteria and ran across Brad Riffe's website.  To my surprise, he called me back quickly, and confidently informed me that I did have a case.  He was very available throughout the whole process, and very honest.  Every amazing testimony you read on his website are true.  He is a diamond in the rough.  Thank you so much Brad, you really did save the day for me!  

S.S., Laporte, TX

We were represented better than I could have ever imagined.  Our needs were put first and we were treated as a friend rather than a number. Our opinions were valued and our doubts were always reassured. Brad Riffe, fought hard for us. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. Thanks Brad !!!

J.C., Edinburg, TX

I have used the services of G. Brad Riffe on a previous incident with a particular manufacturer.  This time was no different.  Brad took my case and handled everything involving a motorcycle claim in the most professional and efficient manner. He is constantly covering your case and making sure that the best possible outcome can be given.  I was shocked that he even returned some of my emails over the weekend. There is something deep in his core that I truly like.  Well, for starters, it's the honesty, integrity, and knowledge that Brad brings to each and every case.

Do NOT HESITATE to use the Riffe Law Firm if you can.  

P.G., Dallas, TX